Magnolia as Wedding Flower

Many flowers are chosen inside the celebration of a wedding according to one criterion that not too many people take into account when simply viewing the bloom, this criterion being the symbol or the meaning of the flower. The same goes for magnolia wedding flowers that many brides choose over other blooms due to the symbols they carry within: beauty and perseverance, dignity and nobility, strength and love of nature.

Magnolia wedding flowers

Magnolia wedding flowers

A brief description of the magnolia flower shows it to have something that belongs to a rose combined with little of lotus and this is what makes it be a great magnolia wedding flower. Most of the times they are used in their white color this is why the white colored themed weddings like having it as a classy floral decoration for both bouquets and table arrangements.

Magnolia wedding flowers

Magnolia wedding flowers

Apart from the white color choice of magnolia wedding flowers there is the alternative of other shades such as oink, fuschia pink, lavender, purple, red, wine, orange and green. The point is that in its evolution the magnolia flower has two faces – while half bloomed it resembles to a rose and when full blooming is similar to a lotus. Therefore let’s see what is there that one can do with these magnolia wedding flowers:

* For bridal bouquet you can have a wine colored magnolia wedding flowers while the bridesmaids hold pink joyful magnolias bouquets. This will make a nice wedding photo especially with the bridesmaids in the background holding that beautiful bouquets.

* The head of a bride can also be decorated with a tiara composed of wine colored magnolia that will definitely draw everybody’s attention.

* The groom’s boutonniere can hold a bright orange magnolia bloom that will match with the wine choice of the bride’s.

* The ambiance of the wedding celebration, especially for the reception can have choices of contrasting shades of magnolia wedding flowers as nothing will compare to this magnificent bloom regardless of its color. The lights that will be present can reveal the matching colors of orange and green magnolia floristic decoration. The table arrangements could be displayed in the format of ‘see through’ vases that are filled with magnolia wedding flowers.

Magnolia wedding flowers

Magnolia wedding flowers

* In order to save some money on the gifts presented to the guests you can use theses vases as favors to show your gratitude towards your invitees.

* As to the wedding cake, you can as well have it decorated with beautiful choices of colored magnolia wedding flowers or even white if the frosting is a bright shade of a darker color, such as brown is from the chocolate frosting.

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