How to Properly Wear Your Wedding Rings

When it comes to wedding rings, many couples would ask themselves what is the proper wear of wedding rings. Many will follow their parents’ tradition, just because this is how it is accustomed,  but maybe not too many of the newly weds are aware that there are other ways that are also seen as proper wear of wedding rings for many nations.
Proper Wear of Wedding Rings
Nevertheless, the wedding rings wearing is a thing that will stay with you for your entire married life, and it is better to decide before wedding day comes which finger will be the one to carry this symbol. The following suggestions can make you choose the best way for you to reach to your own proper wear of wedding rings:
Proper Wear of Wedding Rings
* Closer to your heart – there are many people who decide to wear their wedding rings on a chain around their neck. In this way they can make sure that the symbol of marriage would stay closer to their hearts, the place where love resides. Apart from this, there are wedding rings that can be adorned with the birthstone of the bride and groom and is known to be the lucky charm. Being worn on a chain staying closer to the heart it is believed to carry the beneficial energy to the wearer.

* The same finger that has the engagement ring – Many nations have the custom to propose for the marriage in a gesture accompanied by the engagement ring. Another proper wear of wedding ring in this case can be on the same finger with the engagement ring. In this way there could be two fine memories captured inside the symbol of each of these rings – the moment he proposed to you and the moment you got married.
Proper Wear of Wedding Rings
* Wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger – many countries have the tradition if using the left ting finger for te proper wear of wedding rings, but there are a number of countries, such as Germany, for instance, to wear the wedding ring on the right hand’s ring finger. Wearing the left hand ring finger is a Roman custom, as it was believed that through this finger the heart’s vein is passing an din this way, the symbol of marriage is closer to the heart – the place that was conceived as the place of the soul where love sprang.
Proper Wear of Wedding Rings
No matter which suggestion you would find the one to show the proper wear of wedding rings, maybe after all is all about how you are used to and how is the tradition of the country you live in, or it can be simply a matter of taste. You just need to keep in mind that wedding rings are merely a material symbol for the new life you have dedicated to, but the real love and commitment is in your heart and the wedding rings will be there only to remind this from time to time.

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