Cheap Wedding Photography – A Debate

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For the professional wedding photographers who have taken umbrage with this article please be reminded that the whole purpose of this site is to offer alternatives to couples who don’t have / or simply choose not to spend vast sums of money on one day of their lives.

It has been stated clearly that wedding photographs are a couples lasting reminder of their wedding day and therefore this is possibly not one area of the wedding where people should be trying to make cutbacks. However, for couples who have a wedding budget of literally a few hundred pounds, professional wedding photography may not be an option.

Nowhere in the article does it suggest that a friend with a decent camera can achieve comparable results to that of a professional photographer but it is an alternative option.

Getting married does not have to cost a fortune – it is about declaring your love and commitment to another person, not about spending large sums of money. Spending money is the easiest thing in the world – especially when you mention the word ‘wedding’.

There are plenty sites out there which offer professional wedding photography – this site offers ideas to help people who are looking for alternatives as well as for people to view their views…

Alan 2011-01-26

I am a professional wedding photographer but I am not a member of any professional body. Belonging to these organisations is a purely personal issue for the photographer and does not guarantee his/her skills or expertise. There are many things to consider when choosing a photographer for your special day and it is not simply a ‘tick the box’ affair.

Meet more than one photographer and try to get a feel for their personality. Remember that the photographs that they will be showing you will be the best that they have often taken in stunning locations that may not be possible to produce at your wedding venue.

Look at their work, read their testemonials, ask if they have insurance, ask questions like ‘will it be you there on the day’ (some photographers farm work out to other photographers) and ‘do you have insurance’ and ‘what do you do if its raining on my wedding day’.

See how they react and just be honest with yourself yourself about how you would feel about this person photographing your special day…

Randy 2011-01-26

While your heart may be in the right place with this article. It’s worth pointing out that being a member of the mpa, bipp, swpp etc has absolutely zero bearing on a photographer competence. It simply means that they have paid to become a member. There is no screening that takes place to judge a members ‘competence’ not even a check on the persons insurance, back up equipment, experience or more importantly, their creative eye.

Looking further in the article, just a minor point but you mention buying the copyright to your pictures. Under UK law we are unable to sell copyright as this always stays with the photographer. What you need to ask for is a personal use license from the photographer. Lastly, do couples really need to be told that a way to keep costs down is to have a friend with a decent camera take their pictures?

editors response 2011-02-12

Copyright is a legal term dictating who can copy or sell images or make commercial gain from them. If a photographer gives away copyright, he/she then legally has no right to sell a print to your aunt mary or whoever. 99% of couples only need a personal-use licence to allow them to print what they need. Using this word without understanding its implications merely proves you don’t have the faintest idea. wedding closing quote

sorry i have a massive problem with this. being a member of a professional organisation doesn’t mean good quality. the equipment for pros is expensive and reflects the work done on the day and post production. No student or ‘uncle dave’ will have the equipment or the software to produce true quality and lovely service.

I am a member of the MPA and as you rightly say, you cannot just pay your money and join. You have to be a full-time working professional, and complete a diploma. To become a ‘qualified’ member, ‘Licentiate’, ‘Associate’, or ‘Fellow’, you need to submit a panel of 20 high quality photographs.

Having said all of that, brides and grooms should judge us on the quality of our work and professionalism, and not just by qualifications.

More and more photographers now sell the high resolution images. They are a standard part of our package and do not even cost any extra.