A Guide to Engagement Ring Settings

guide to ring settings

There are a number of different rings settings, and it’s a good idea to look them over and decide which one is best for you or your loved one before picking out the wedding or engagement ring.

Here’s an overview of some of the popular settings available and their differences:


This is the most popular setting; it is where metal prongs, usually four or six of them, extend to the top of the gemstone to hold it in place.


This setting is designed to keep the gemstone securely in place; a metal circular rim that extends above the sides of the stone holds the jewel in. This type of setting might be ideal for someone with an active lifestyle.


This is where rows of diamonds or gemstones lie next to each other on each side of the central stone. The smaller jewels are not separated by metal. This is a stylish setting that’s popular with today’s engagement and wedding rings.


In the invisible setting, the jewels have grooves that cannot be seen from the surface, these grooves fit into a metal holder underneath the surface to create a seamless effect with them gems.

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old miner cut diamond rings

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